Welcome to my personal website, for more information check links below!


I'm mostly interested in technology, especially *BSD & Linux, network security, digital preservation, automation and open software in general. A good book, jazz or animé is what I can easily get lost in. I think software should follow Unix philosophy.




XMPP / Jabber

Phone / WhatsApp / WeChat / Signal / Telegram

I do have a business phone number you can ask me for in person or via email and you can even reach me on instant messaging apps with it.

Although I fell discouraged using such forcibly tracked means of communication and I prefer using 'more secure' & decentralized alternatives mentioned above.

Some other instances of mine:

Git instance (personal projects)

searX intance (meta search engine)

File dropbox instance

Gopher instance (requires gopher client)

メロちゃん (federated textbord of mine)